The Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP) Program Office is home to NASA’s Earth Venture (EV) class of missions. The EV class of projects consist of low-cost, Principal Investigator (PI) led, competed orbital and sub-orbital missions that are built, tested, and launched in short time intervals. Our focused missions and investigations uniquely address different components of the Earth to accommodate new and emergent scientific priorities.

The EV class includes Earth Venture Instruments (EVI); (orbital missions of opportunity) Earth Venture Sub-orbital (EVS) (airborne science investigations) and Earth Venture Missions (EVM) (a series of low-to-moderate cost, uncoupled full orbital missions) . Our projects have independent science objectives and mission requirements. We encourage investigators to seek complimentary science outcomes with other NASA and non-NASA projects to enhance overall science goals. (+ learn more)

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