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Project Publications


MissionPublicationsMain LinkSub-LinkAuthorsDate
EVi-1 (TEMPO)Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) Zoogman, X. Liu, R.M. Suleiman, et al., J. Quant 2016
EVi-1 (TEMPO)Monitoring high-ozone events in the US Intermountain West using TEMPO geostationary satellite observations Zoogman, D.J. Jacob, K. Chance, X. Liu, M. Lin, A. Fiore, and K. Travis, Atmos2014
EVi-1 (TEMPO)NASA ups the TEMPO on monitoring air pollution Hilsenrath and K. Chance2013
EVi-1 (TEMPO)Harvard-Smitsoniam Publications (CfA Atmospheric Group)
EVi-2 (ECOSTESS)Evapotranspiration: A Critical Variable Linking Ecosystem Functioning, Carbon and Climate Feedbacks, Agricultural Management, and Water Resources Josh Fisher2014?
EVi-2 (ECOSTESS)Evapotranspiration Mapping for Water Security: Recommendations and Requirements Forrest Melton, with contributions from Simon Hook, Josh Fisher2014?
EVI-2 (GEDI)Laser transmitter development for NASA's Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) lidar Barry Coyle and Paul R. Stysley (NASA GSFC) / Demetrios Poulios, Greg B. Clarke and Richard B. Kay, (The American Univ.)2015
EVi-3 (MAIA)
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Level 1A DDM Calibration Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Gleason, Chris Ruff, John Scherrer, Randy Rose, Damen Provost2014
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Level 1B DDM Calibration Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Gleason, Chris Ruff, John Scherrer, Randy Rose, Damen Provost2014
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Level 2 Wind Speed Retrieval Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Gleason, Chris Ruff, John Scherrer, Randy Rose, Damen Provost2015
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Level 2 Mean-Square Slope Retrieval Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Level 3 Gridded Wind Speed Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Nanosat Technology And Managed Risk; An Update Of The CYGNSS Microsatellite Constellation Mission Development Rose, Will Wells, Debi Rose, Chris Ruf, Aaron Ridley, Kyle Nave2014
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)New ocean winds satellite mission to probe hurricanes and tropical convection S. Ruf, et al.2016
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)NASA's Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Mission – Temporal Resolution of a Constellation Enabled by Micro-Satellite Technology Rose, Will Wells, Jillian Redfern, Debi Rose, John Dickinson, Chris Ruf, Aaron Ridley, Kyle Nave2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)The CYGNSS Flight Segment; A Major NASA Science Mission Enabled by Micro-Satellite Technology Rose, Chris Ruf, Debi Rose, Marissa Brummitt, Aaron Ridley2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)NASA Begins to Build Satellite Mission to Improve Hurricane Forecasting Cole, Allison Lyons, Maria Stothoff2015
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)NASA Intensifies Hurricane Studies with CYGNSS Ruf, Allison Lyons, Alan Ward2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)The NASA EV-2 Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Mission Ruf, et al.2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)The SGR-ReSI and its application for GNSS reflectometry on the NASA EV-2 CYGNSS mission Unwin, Philip Jales, Paul Blunt, Stuart Duncan, Marissa Brummitt, Christopher Ruf2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)The CYGNSS Ground Segment; Innovative Mission Operations Concepts to Support a Micro-Satellite Constellation Rose, Michael Vincent, Randy Rose, Chris Ruf2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Avionics of the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite
System (CYGNSS) Microsat Constellation Rose, John Dickinson, Chris Ruf, Jennifer Alvarez, Buddy Walls2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Report on the NASA CYGNSS Mission Applications Workshop, J., et al.2015
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)Enabling the Future of Hurricane Prediction, C., A. Lyons, M. Unwin, J. Dickinson, R. Rose, D. Rose and M. Vincent2013
EVM-1 (CYGNSS)NASA Intensifies Hurricane Studies with CYGNSS, C., A. Lyons and A. Ward2013
EVS-1 (AiRMOSS)List of publications
EVS-1 (ATTREX)The NASA Airborne Tropical TRopopause EXperiment (ATTREX): High-Altitude Aircraft Measurements in the Tropical Western Pacific J. Jensen*, Leonhard Pfister, David E. Jordan, Thaopaul V. Bui, Rei Ueyama, and Hanwant B. Singh2015
EVS-1 (ATTREX)6 Publications
EVS-1 (CARVE)CARVE: The Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment,%20CH4%20and%20CO.%20Overview%20of%20the%20instrument.pdfMiller, C.E. and Dinardo, S.J2012
EVS-1 (CARVE)CARVE-FTS Observations of Arctic CO2, CH4 and CO - Overview of the Instrument,%20CH4%20and%20CO.%20Overview%20of%20the%20instrument.pdf Dupont, F. et al2012
EVS-1 (CARVE)Annual patterns and budget of OC2 flux in an Arctic tussock tundra ecosystem,%20323%20(2014)%20-%20Oechel%20-%20Annual%20patterns%20and%20budget%20of%20CO2%20flux%20in%20an%20Arctic%20tussock%20tundra%20ecosystem.pdf Oechel, W.C, et al2013
EVS-1 (CARVE)Carbon cycle uncertainty in the Alaskan Arctic, J.B. et al2014
EVS-1 (CARVE)Assessing the spatial variability in peak season CO2 exchange characteristics across the Arctic tundra using a light response curve parametrization, H.N et al.2014
EVS-1 (CARVE)Multi-scale influence of vapor pressure deficit on fire ignition and spread in boreal forest ecosystems, F. and Randerson, J.T2014
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)Evaluation of the use of a commercially available cavity ringdown absorption spectrometer for measuring NO2 in flight, and observations over the Mid-Atlantic States, during DISCOVER-AQ C. Brent, W. J. Thorn, M. Gupta, B. Leen, J. W. Stehr, H. He, H. L. Arkinson, A. Weinheimer, C. Garland, S. E. Pusede, P. J. Wooldridge, R. C. Cohen, R. R. Dickerson2013
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)The impacts of aerosol loading, composition, and water uptake on aerosol extinction variability in the Baltimore–Washington, D.C. region, A., L. D. Ziemba, G. Chen, C. A. Corr, J. Crawford, G. S. Diskin, R. Moore, L. Thornhill, E. L. Winstead, and B. E. Anderson 2016
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)Factors that influence surface PM2.5 values inferred from satellite observations: perspective gained for the US Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area during DISCOVER-AQ,, S., G. Chen, L. D. Ziemba, A. Beyersdorf, L. Thornhill, E. L. Winstead, R. Moore, M. Shook, C. Hudgins, and B. E. Anderson 2014
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)Ammonia and methane dairy emission plumes in the San Joaquin Valley of California from individual feedlot to regional scales, G. S., G. Sachse, A. Beyersdorf, R. Ferrare, and A. J. Scarino2015
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)Satellite data of atmospheric pollution for U.S. air quality applications: Examples of applications, summary of data end-user resources, answers to FAQs, and common mistakes to avoid,, B., et al. 2014
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)Observations of rapid aerosol optical depth enhancements in the vicinity of polluted cumulus clouds, T. F., et al.2014
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)In situ measurements and modeling of reactive trace gases in a small biomass burning plume,üller, M., et al.2016
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)On the effectiveness of nitrogen oxide reductions as a control over ammonium nitrate aerosol, S. E., et al.2016
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)Aerosol optical and microphysical retrievals from a hybrid multiwavelength lidar data set – DISCOVER-AQ, P., et al. 2014
EVS-1 (DISCOVER-AQ)Intercomparison of aerosol single-scattering albedo derived from AERONET surface radiometers and LARGE in situ aircraft profiles during the 2011 DRAGON-MD and DISCOVER-AQ experiments, J. S., et al. 2014
EVS-1 (HS3)On the secondary eyewall formation in Hurricane Edouard, S. F., M. T. Montgomery, S. A. Braun, and J. Dunion2016
EVS-1 (HS3)NASA’s Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) Investigation., S. A., P. A. Newman, and G. M. Heymsfield2016
EVS-1 (HS3)Dynamics and predictability of Hurricane Nadine (2012) evaluated through convection-permitting ensemble analysis and forecasts with NASA HS3 field campaign observations., E.B., J. A. Sippel, S. A. Braun, Y. Weng, and F. Zhang2015
EVS-1 (HS3)Observations of the structure and evolution of Hurricane Edouard (2014) during intensity change. Part II: Kinematic structure and the distribution of deep convection., R. F., J. A. Zhang, J. Zawislak, G. R. Alvey III, Ed. J. Zipser, and H. Jiang,2016
EVS-1 (HS3)Observations of the structure and evolution of Hurricane Edouard (2014) during intensity change. Part I: Relationship between the thermodynamic structure and precipitation., J., G. R. Alvey III, R. F. Rogers, J. A. Zhang, Ed. J. Zipser, and H. Jiang2016
EVS-1 (HS3)Dynamics and predictability of the rapid intensification of Hurricane Edouard, E. B., F. Zhang, J. A. Sippel, and S. A. Braun2016
EVS-1 (HS3)The effects of moist entropy and moisture budgets on tropical cyclone development., A. and D. J. Raymond2016
EVS-1 (HS3)Tropical cyclone outflow and warm core structure as revealed by HS3 dropsonde data., W. A., and J. D. Doyle2016
EVS-2 (ACT-America)Airborne Measurements in Support of the NASA Atmospheric Carbon and Transport – America (ACT-America) Mission Meadows, et al.2015
EVS-2 (ATom)
EVS-2 (ORACLES)Smoke and Clouds above the Southeast Atlantic: Upcoming Field Campaigns Probe Absorbing Aerosol’s Impact on Climate Zuidema, Jens Redemann, James Haywood, Robert Wood, Stuart Piketh, Martin Hipondoka, Paola Formenti2016
EVS-2 (ORACLES)Extending “Deep Blue” aerosol retrieval coverage to cases of absorbing aerosols above clouds: Sensitivity analysis and first case studies,, A. M., et al. 2016
OM (CALIPSO)Cloud-radiative driving of the Madden-Julian oscillation as seen by the A-Train Genio, A., and Y. Chen2015
OM (CALIPSO)Joint analysis of cloud top heights from CloudSat and CALIPSO: New insights into cloud top microphysics, Y., H. Okamoto, and Z. J. Luo2014
OM (CALIPSO)CALIPSO inferred most probable heights of global dust and smoke layers,, J., et al. 2015
OM (CALIPSO)Global dust distribution from improved thin dust layer detection using A-train satellite lidar observations, T., et al. 2015
OM (CALIPSO)Lidar-based remote sensing of atmospheric boundary layer height over land and ocean, T., R. Yuan, and Z. Wang2014
OM (CALIPSO)On factors controlling marine boundary layer aerosol optical depth, T., R. Yuan, and Z. Wang2014
OM (CALIPSO)Spatial scales of altocumulus clouds observed with collocated CALIPSO and CloudSat measurements,, D., et al.2014
OM (CALIPSO)Ice Concentration Retrieval in Stratiform Mixed-Phase Clouds Using Cloud Radar Reflectivity Measurements and 1D Ice Growth Model Simulations, D., et al. 2014
OM (OCO-2)Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) cloud screening algorithms: validation against collocated MODIS and CALIOP data E. Taylor1, et al.2016
OM (OCO-2)CO2 Annual and Semiannual Cycles from Multiple Satellite Retrievals and Models Earth and Space Science, X., Crisp, D., Olsen, E., Kulawik, S., Miller, C., Pagano, T., Liang, M., Yung, Y.2016
OM (OCO-2)Comparisons of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Estimates Obtained from Four Portable Field Spectroradiometers et al.2016
OM (OCO-2)The Potential of Clear-sky Carbon Dioxide Satellite Retrievals Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, R., O'Dell, C., Taylor, T., Mandrake, L., Smyth, M.2016
OM (OCO-2)On the effect of spatial variability and support on validation of remote sensing observations of CO2, Jovan M.; Michalak, Anna M.2016
OM (OCO-2)Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2 Cloud Screening Algorithms: Validation Against Collated MODIS and CALIOP Data et al.2016
OM (OCO-2)Line parameters including temperature dependences of self- and foreign-broadened line shapes of 12C16O2: 1.6 micron region,d.eWE&cad=rjaV. M. Devi, et al.2016
OM (OCO-2)XCO2 retrieval error over deserts near critical surface albedo
Earth & Space Science, Q., R.-LShia, S.P. Sander, and Y.L. Yung2016
OM (OCO-2)2015: 6 publications
OM (OCO-2)2014: 7 publications
OM (OCO-2)2013: 2 publications
OM (OCO-2)2012: 6 publications
OM (OCO-2)2011: 40 publications
OM (OCO-2)Publications from 1999

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