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The primary goals of the Geostationary Carbon Cycle Observatory (GeoCarb) are to monitor plant health and vegetation stress throughout the Americas, and to probe, in unprecedented detail, the natural sources, sinks and exchange processes that control carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane in the atmosphere. (+ learn more)

Name Role
Berrien Moore Principal Investigator University of Oklahoma
Dean Read Project Manager Lockheed Martin
Steve Merrihew Project System Engineer Lockheed Martin
Gary Kushner Instrument Project Manager Lockheed Martin
Chris Hoffman Instrument System Manager Lockheed Martin
Brian Benedict Spacecraft Host Manager SES
Philippe Ciais Co-I/Co-PI LSCE
Cyril Crevoisier Co-I/Co-PI LMD
Peter Rayner Co-I/Co-PI U. Melbourne
Gregoire Broquet Co-I LSCE
Enrique Pacheco Cabrera Co-I AEM
Robert Chatfield Co-I ARC
Frederique Chevallier Co-I LSCE
David Crisp Co-I JPL
Sean Crowell Co-I University of Oklahoma
Norma Davila Co-I AUMS
Annmarie Eldering Co-I JPL
Maria Guadalupe Galindo-Medoza Co-I AUSLP
Hector Hernandez Co-I CFS
Jon Jenkins Co-I ARC
Randy Kawa Co-I GSFC
Susan Kulawik Co-I JPL/ARC
James Lemen Co-I Lockheed Martin
Christopher O’Dell Co-I CSU
Diego Santaren Co-I LSCE
David Schimel Co-I JPL
Yilong Wang Co-I LSCE
Xiangming Xiao Co-I University of Oklahoma









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